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As of 07-07-2016
Books, Presentations, Papers, Journal Articles, Books, Op-Ed Pieces, Talks, Lectures, etc

  - Turning Point. Read this insightful interview by Bowdoin College Magazine with Dr Laura Lorenz about her research, her experience as a photojournalist, writer, editor for twenty years, the brain and it's plasticity, increased public awareness, and her vision for the future of research, treatment, and advocacy for individuals with chronic brain injury. Bowdoin Magazine, Class News, Class of 1976 - Turning Point Article...  

To read more click here for more information about this informative interview by Bowdoin Magazine.

- Contesting Health Policy: Rethinking Brain Injury Rehabilitation, Brown Bag Lunch & Discussion with Dr Laura Lorenz THURSDAY, APRIL 14th (12:15pm-1:30pm) ROOM LA 004, SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK BUILDING Salem State University, Salem Ma.

In this interactive and visual presentation, Dr. Lorenz will describe why she cares about brain injury, and the brain injury epidemiology and policy landscape in the United States. She will challenge outdated rehabilitation paradigms and describe the consistent use of outcome measures to evaluate brain injury function and outcomes over time. Dr. Lorenz will show some brain injury survivor photographs and captions, developed for participatory research projects, to develop a shared understanding of the experience of living with brain injury. She will briefly describe Supportive Living Inc, its Brain Injury Wellness Center, and the internship opportunities available there...

Click here for more information about this exciting informative talk.


The Massachusetts Health Policy Forum - Severe Brain Injury in Massachusetts: Assessing the Continuum of Care

On Thursday, December 10, 2015 a half-day forum entitled “Severe Brain Injury in Massachusetts: Assessing the Continuum of Care." was presented at the at the Omni Parker House in Boston, Ma. This important forum examines treatment and service disparities for survivors of severe brain injury in light of coverage expansions and health care system and financing changes under state and national reform. The research quantifies the problems, costs, and the potential consequences to both the brain injury survivors and the state as a whole. The forum explores potential options and action steps to reduce disparities and move towards a more equitable distribution of critical resources. Laura is first author on this issue brief for the Massachusetts Health Policy Forum, Heller School, Brandeis University. Dr Doug Katz Professor of Neurology Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital spoke about the importance of the brief, a number of distinguished panelists and moderators spoke on behalf of the findings and need for support as well.

The Massachusetts Health Policy Forum was created in 1998 to bring public and private health care leaders together to engage in focused discussion on critical health policy challenges facing the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Modeled after the successful National Health Policy Forum of George Washington University, the Massachusetts Forum conducts approximately four forums per year for an invited audience of health care leaders and legislators.

For more information about this forum Severe Brain Injury in Massachusetts: Assessing the Continuum of Care, a copy of the issue brief itself, and a brilliantly done video shown at the beginning of the Massachusetts Health Policy Forum entitled "A video testimony from Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Survivors for Severe Brain Injury in Massachusetts Accessing the Continuum of Care", and a brief radio interview with CBS WBZ 1030AM News Radio's Diane Stern and Mary Blake please click here or the heading above to visit the Research and Other Projects section of our website.


ACRM - Charrette, AL, Lorenz, LS, Fong, J, O'Neil-Pirozzi, T, Demore-Taber, M. and Lamson, KS, (2015, October)  Impact of Intensive Exercise on Physical Function of Adults with Chronic-Moderate-to-Severe Brain Injury. Poster presentation. American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine 92nd Annual Conference - Progress in Rehabilitation Research, October 25th-30th 2015, Dallas, Texas.  Click here for more information about the conference and a preview of our poster.


ISBN: 978-1472432896
Disability and Qualitative Inquiry *   Hardcover 258-Pages  ISBN: 978-1472432896  -Publication Date: September 28, 2015-

Ronald Berger and Laura Lorenz Editors. This groundbreaking text makes an intervention on behalf of disability studies into the broad field of qualitative inquiry. Ronald Berger and Laura Lorenz (Ed), introduce readers to a range of issues involved in doing qualitative research on disabilities by bringing together a collection of scholarly work that supplements their own contributions and covers a variety of qualitative methods: participant observation, interviewing and interview coding, focus groups, autoethnography, life history, narrative analysis, content analysis, and participatory visual methods.

The chapters are framed in terms of the relevant methodological issues involved in the research, bringing in substantive findings to illustrate the fruits of the methods. In doing so, the book covers a range of physical, sensory, and cognitive impairments. 
For more information about this book please click here...


Talking with Pictures *


Supportive Living Inc Lexington, MA - Talking with Pictures (2015). Talking with pictures is a participatory project that looks with fresh eyes at community integration of older adults with brain injury and other neurological conditions...  For more information about  this project please click here or the image above.   Video (9:54 Min).

Supportive Living 2015 Winter/Spring Functional Fitness Program

Supportive Living Inc Lexington, MA - Offers intensive exercise programming for people with disabilities from severe brain injury three times per week at the SLI Brain Injury Wellness Center. To see the program in action click here.   Video (4:51 Min).

Peer review Journals and Papers:

  O’Neil-Pirozzi, TM, Lorenz, LS, Demore-Taber, M, Samayoa, S. (September 2015). There will be some changes made: A survivor perspective on post-acquired brain injury residential transition. Primary objective: Brain injury survivors experience many transitions post-injury and it is important that they experience these in the most supportive and integrative ways possible. This study provided a group of chronic brain injury survivors the opportunity to share their insights and experience of residential transition and to suggest strategies to help maximize the transition experience and outcomes...Informa Healthcare: Brain Injury, Taylor & Francis.  For more information on this article please click here

  Journal - Lorenz, Laura S. Co-author with Kolb, B. (2009). Involving the public through participatory visual research methods. Health Expectations, 12(3), pp. 262-274.  Read more on this paper by clicking here

  Journal - Lorenz, Laura S. (2010). Discovering a new identity after brain injury, Sociology of Health and Illness, 32(6), pp 862-879, available as of June 21st 2010 online, and in print in September   Read more on this paper by clicking here

   Lorenz, Laura S. (2011, Online February 18th). A Way Into Empathy: A 'Case' of Photo-elicitation in Illness Research. Health: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Social Study of Health, Illness and Medicine, 15, 3, May 2011, pp 259-276, Special Number on ‘Another way of knowing: art, disease, and illness experience.’ Guest Editors, Alan Radley and Susan Bell.  Read more on this paper by clicking here.
Lorenz, Laura S. (2010, December). Visual metaphors of living with brain injury: Exploring and communicating lived experience with an invisible injury. Visual Studies, 25(3), pp 210-223, Special Issue on Visual Research Methods and Issues of Voice, Guest Editors Wendy Luttrell and Richard Chalfen.
  Read more on this paper by clicking here.


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